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Texting pedestrians are getting their own walking lane in some cities. Washington, D.C., and a city in China both have experimented with dividing their sidewalks into lanes for texting pedestrians and those who are walking cellphone-free. But have they succeeded at speeding up foot traffic? Apparently not.

The Roosevelt Row Arts District (RoRo) in downtown Phoenix is a walkable, creative district bedecked with galleries, quirky shops and exhibits by both up-and-coming and old favorite artists.

American’s thirst for smart home technology is growing, with more home owners seeking greater control of their home’s appliances, lighting, and systems.

Everyone wants to live in a smart place. But the magic mix that draws people in is composed of a lot of different dynamics coming together all at once, according to the National Geographic Channel’s Smart Cities program.

What home-design trends will likely catch on in new construction? Builder Online recently spoke to Mollie Carmichael, principal at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, and Nick Lehnert, executive director at architecture firm KTGY, about the design trends that are gaining popularity in the new-home market this year:

As with the affluent places, a good number of the most educated towns are suburbs of big cities. Many towns showed up on both maps, having both very high median incomes and educational attainment, like Scarsdale, New York, and Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Homeowners in Maricopa County will see their property tax bills increase by an average of 5.4 percent, reports The Arizona Republic.

You and your buyers should walk through every home like there is a nanny cam recording your private conversations. If you are recorded, the information gleaned from your private conversations with buyers could be used against you in negotiations, warns a new video by the Washington REALTOR® Legal Hotline Lawyer.

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